Dead Horse Point, Southeastern Utah

  • Thomas C. Chidsey Jr. Utah Geological Survey
  • Hellmut H. Doelling Utah Geological Survey (emeritus)
Keywords: Dead Horse, Canyonlands, Jurassic


The Dead Horse Point geosite, within the state park by the same name, is located in the heart of the Canyonlands region of Utah between Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. The views are spectacular, sublime, awe-inspiring, and majestic, and hard to surpass anywhere on the Colorado Plateau. The mood of the vistas changes by season and time of day. Here, one of nature’s engineers, in this instance the Colorado River and its tributaries, has carved and exposed strata of Late Pennsylvanian (307 million years ago [Ma]) to Early Jurassic (200 Ma) age within just the past 5 million years (figures 2 and 3).

Dead Horse
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